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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 479 – 10th Year Podcast Anniversary – ALIENS (1986)

Dark Discussions Podcast began on March 9th, 2011 and so comes March 9th, 2021.  Ten years of podcasts.  Crazy how time flies.  So what we decided to do for our tenth year anniversary was put a poll up on our Facebook group and let members choose what film for us to do to celebrate.  There were over thirty films to choose from, and ALIENS (1986) was the one that came up on top.

When Ripley’s escape shuttle is found, she is offered by the corporation to check up on a colony of civilians on LV-426.  When the colony is reported missing, the trip turns into a rescue.  When the space marines arrive, they find nothing but an empty facility.  Soon as they turn a rescue mission into a search-and-find assignment, they begin to discover that they too may be in grave danger.

ALIENS was the sequel to the original 1979 ALIEN (directed by Ridley Scott).  At the helm was TERMINATOR (1984) director James Cameron.  He brought in a great group to work with including composer James Horner, special effects artist Stan Winston, cinematographer  Adrian Biddle, and editor Ray Lovejoy.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this science fiction horror classic and celebrates their tenth anniversary podcasting.

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