Movie and Music Podcasts on the Network

Dark Discussions Podcast

The flagship podcast of the Dark Discussions News Network – discussing genre films.

Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews

A podcast discussing art house and midnight movies.

Fishnets and Phantoms Podcast

A media review podcast, featuring esoteric news and features from a post punk perspective.

No More Room in Hell

A genre cinema podcast that discusses two films per episode; comparing and contrasting the movies.

NFW Podcast

A movie commentary on horror and grindhouse movies.

Speaker Brains

The latest music and albums in various genres are discussed and reviewed.

His and Hers Movie Podcast

Scores of genre films are reviewed in each episode, including a longer review of specific movie.

HorrorCultFilms Podcast

A podcast that interviews filmmakers, reviews movies, and give their thoughts on all things horror (including video games)

He’s Gonna Need Therapy

Father and son review horror films with the son sees the movie for the first time.

It’s Not Horror, Okay!

A commentary podcast on various genre films that aren’t horror movies.

Fresh Cuts

A movie podcast discussing various new releases in genre cinema.

Graveyard Shit Podcast

Horror films, true crime, and genre cinema discussions.

Anthony T’s Horror and Wrestling Show

Reviews of movies, film and fan conventions, filmmaker interviews, and the latest in wrestling news.

Cinema A La Carte

A podcast that reviews various favorite flicks by your co-hosts.

Is It Really That Bad?

B-movies, trash cinema, and cinema flops are reviewed. Your co-hosts determine if the movie is really that bad.