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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 451 – Skyman (2020)

The Grays:  the number one movie monster that never gets its due.  Aliens with big eyes and gray skin and no hair.  They abduct folks, may do experiments on them; are they malevolent or peaceful?   Scary stuff to many.  And not surprisingly some people think they are real.  The new 2020 film, SKYMAN, is a faux documentary that brings it even more real.

Carl Merryweather (Michael Selle), for his fortieth birthday, wants to head out to the desert of California.  When he was a child, the location of note was where he claims he had met a being from another world.  He said he has received a message that they are returning.  A director wants to document his story so Carl agrees to be filmed on his latest adventure.   His sister, Gina (Nicolette Sweeney), and close friend, Marcus (Faleolo Alailima), come along as witnesses.

Daniel Myrick, writer and director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, returns to found footage cinema for his latest production.  Starring unknowns, the film has received fairly good reviews and has been noticed by some high profile publications such as the New York Times and Hollywood Reporter.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this new science fiction move and gives their thoughts.

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