Episode 024 – Review – 2011’s The Thing

Episode 024 – Review – 2011’s The Thing

Probably one of the most highly anticipated films in years and also one of the most dreaded films in years as fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing have fallen on either side of the fence on whether anything should be done to his classic film. Some have been waiting for a second film featuring the 1982 universe that John Carpenter created while others have been horrified that this is just Hollywood once more attempting to make a new franchise. The new film simply entitled The Thing (2011) is released with a large marketing campaign at the right time of year only weeks prior to Halloween. With hot, hip, and beautiful actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead starring, and with a plot that takes place immediately prior to the beginnings of John Carpenter’s film, the question many had days leading up to its release would be whether fans and critics would embrace this new take on John W. Campbell’s novella, Who Goes There?

Eric, Philip, and Mike come together to discuss and review the film. With little to no spoilers, a thorough and honest review with three different perspectives should most certainly give Dark Discussions listeners all they need to know before their own viewing of the film. This episode concludes with the mail bag from listeners who give their opinions on The Omen and what Dark Discussions had to say about it in Episode 022. Once more, your hosts express gratitude for your feedback and ask for you to continue to send in opinions, potential topics, and anything else on your mind.

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Episode 024 - Review - 2011's The Thing

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