Episode 050 – Alien (1979)

Episode 050 – Alien (1979)

Well, fifty episodes! Dark Discussions reaches a milestone of some significance but just like prior weeks we are here once more to discuss genre cinema intelligently, in depth, and like fans should: with passion. This week your four co-hosts come together once more and decided on a topic that happens to be thirty-three years old. Unlike the age of the film itself, the movie is once more about to have relevance that could determine the fate of big budget R-rated horror films for decades to come.

Alien, 1979’s science fiction masterpiece, came together with an odd mix of talent and luck. Screenwriter Dan O’Bannon, suffering from crohn’s disease, came up with an idea of an alien entity using human hosts as incubators. He turned his personal discomfort from his illness into one of the most iconic scenes in film history.

Director Ridley Scott, film scorer Jerry Goldsmith, and artist H.R. Giger came aboard and with the highly figuratively filled script produced a dark horrific movie that turned science fiction film from Star Trek cheese to industrial working class grime. Now over thirty years later, with both Dan O’Bannon and Jerry Goldsmith no longer with us, Ridley Scott once more has returned to the source of his success. Using Alien as a basis, his new film 2012’s Prometheus is to be released in June. The film trailers have brought high hopes to all science fiction and horror fans alike. Your co-hosts, Chris, Eric, Mike, and Phil discuss Alien, its legacy, and how Prometheus may tie back in with the original. Listeners, thank you for coming along on our fifty episode podcast journey, and as co-host Eric suggests in closing, let’s do fifty more.

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Episode 050 - Alien (1979)

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