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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 092 – Scott Stewart Focus: 2013’s Dark Skies

The greys or grays are one of the least tapped sources for scares in genre fiction. While vampires and zombies seem to dominate every type of media that exists, the greys, those hairless gray aliens known for human abduction, seem to be continuously forgotten. One wonders why since the mythos behind them are vague and easily molded for original stories. Some authors and films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the novels and books of Whitley Strieber have caught the imagination. But the beginning may be the James Earl Jones television movie from the 1970’s, The UFO Incident, based on the Betty and Barney Hill abductions.

Director/Screenwriter Scott Stewart’s new film, Dark Skies, may just be the first of a new wave of horror films based on the greys. With a strongly developed cast of characters and a sinister presence seeming to hover over the starring family like a cloud, Stewart expands the story from curiously strange occurrences to a fight for our characters very existence.

Dark Discussions talks about one of 2013’s early horror films. Though it had a quiet release, the film is a nice addition to a tragically underused monster. Could this be just the beginning of a new wave of monster to replace or stand hand in hand with zombies and vampires? Either way, the film is refreshing and brings out the creeps of co-host Philip’s favorite horror monster.

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