Episode 142 – Alien Abduction (2014)

Episode 142 – Alien Abduction (2014)

A close encounter of the fourth kind. Abductions by alien beings. Not a new topic, not even for Dark Discussions. Last year we talked about the film Dark Skies. An alien abduction film where the small hairless big eyed gray aliens simply known as the Grays kidnapped a member of a family. Definitely a scary idea since unlike vampires and werewolves or even ghosts, in the 21st century science more than the occult rules the world.

With that stated, a new film aptly (though unfortunately) entitled Alien Abduction was released by IFC Midnight. Taking place in the remote yet beautiful recreational area of Brown Mountain, North Carolina, a family of five set out for a family vacation to camp and hike the beautiful trails. But something amiss happens. A series of ghostly lights in the sky, known as the Brown Mountain Lights, is presented as possibly fact. In this found footage cinéma vérité movie, we most certainly do get a close encounter with the Grays.

This film appeared out of nowhere and was not on any of your co-hosts radar prior to the year. Does it payoff with scares and frights that any horror or science fiction fan delight in? Or is it a slow burn that documents a family vacation that goes wrong? One thing, everybody should watch the film and see if its thrill ride actually does pay off. Dark Discussions lets you know their opinion on our latest episode.

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Episode 142 - Alien Abduction (2014)

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