Episode 096 – Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

Episode 096 – Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

Author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels caught on like wildfire bringing vampires and werewolves to an untapped audience of younger women and girls. As a result, she has been noted as one of the most successful novelists in the modern era. Along with J.K. Rowling, she transformed the young adult genre while being part of the defining authors of urban fantasy stories.

One question was whether she was a one trick pony. That thought was shot down with 2008’s The Host, a hard science fiction novel about a post-apocalyptic world where alien beings had not only taken over the world but also turning humans into hosts. With its ideas of the nature of humanity, the identification of the individual, and the overwhelming emotion of love to overpower any intolerance with forgiveness, the book was a roaring success and has been considered one of the better science fiction novels in over a decade. Dark Discussions co-host Philip concurs.

In this episode, you will hear about the movie, whether it was an excellent adaption, and how it matches with the book. Also discussed is what makes a movie successful. Can a hugely popular novel alone bring in an audience for the film adaption? Lastly, we discuss the passing of long time critic Roger Ebert and what he meant to the film industry.

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Episode 096 - Stephenie Meyer's The Host

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