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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 279 – Life (2017)

It’s not often you see two of the hottest actors together. But the new film, Life, does that. With the star power of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gylenhaal, the film seems carries that matinee idol headliner that many producers are looking for. Also starring genre favorites Rebecca Ferguson and Hiroyuki Sanada, Life was destined to attract both regular audiences as well as horror and science fiction fans.

When an international space station orbiting earth retrieves a returning probe from Mars, they discover life. A one cell dormant creature is brought on board and experimented on. Back on Earth, the news is groundbreaking. Soon the crew is able to revive the little creature and begin to watch it split into further cells. When a malfunction on the station seems to kill the alien, one of the scientists decides to follow normal procedure to save the entity, but something soon goes wrong.

Not since Gravity has a fairly large budget science fiction thriller come to the big screen. With its incredible special effects and fantastic cast, the film received buzz for months prior to its release. Though not a huge success, the film has pulled in generally decent reviews and earned its budget back. Dark Discussion takes a look at the latest science fiction horror film to hit cinemas and gives their opinion.

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