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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 278 – The Belko Experiment

Last year Greg McLean, the man behind Wolf Creek, directed a supernatural horror film The Darkness that received lukewarm reviews. Some wondered what happened. But when he met with James Gunn, the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither, to direct one of his scripts entitled The Belko Experiment, the film was green-lit and was released in early 2017 to fairly positive reviews.

An American company opens an office up outside of Bogota, Columbia. The high rise is out in the middle of nowhere but happens to be a state of the art building. One day while at work, soldiers begin to check folks at the perimeter of the premise. Soon local employees are sent home without any reason. And then a mysterious message is broadcast on the intercom that begins a day that everyone wishes never happened.

Two giants of genre cinema come together and brink a kinetic and in some ways violent psychological thriller that brings to mind as many diverse movies as Battle Royale, Circle, and 13 Sins. With its bloody set pieces, the film was in many ways going to draw only hardcore horror fans. But is the film any good? Would thriller fans be okay with it? And should it be a film seen on the big screen. Dark Discussions takes a look.

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