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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 026 – THE SUMMER OF SANGAILĖ (2015)

Summertime for young people is the time to have fun, enjoy being out of school, and finding love.  Part of Pride Month, Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews takes a look at 2015’s THE SUMMER OF SANGAILĖ, a film from Lithuania that, like our other art house film discussions this month, tackles much more than its themed lesbian relationship.

Austė (Aistė Diržiūė) is a 17 year old girl that Sangailė (Julija Steponaityte) meets at a festival air show.  When Austė lets her new acquaintance know that she works at the local cafeteria, Sangailė visits her there.  Soon their budding friendship turns into something more.  Austė learns that Sangailė has personal demons that are haunting her.  During their time together, Austė begins to bring out Sangailė’s inner self hoping to give her the confidence to achieve her dreams.

The movie is directed and written by Alantė Kavaitė.  With its beautiful photography and wonderful performances, Lithuania submitted the picture to the Academy Awards as a potential movie for the Best Foreign Film award.  Actress Aistė Diržiūė was also given a European Shooting Stars award (along with such individuals as Maisie Williams (GAME OF THRONES)).  Your co-hosts take a look this lesbian art house film during Pride Month and give their thoughts.

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