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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 018 – Chloe Carroll Interview – HONEYMOON PHASE (2020)

One of the most talked about horror and science fiction films of 2020 was HONEYMOON PHASE.  The movie takes place in the not too distant future where holographic technology and interactive appliances are the norm.  The female lead (and also the producer) was Chloe Carroll, a brand new talent that has definitely brought the attention of many genre fans.  And the film is available on Tubi for free!

Chloe though is not a “one trick pony”.   Besides acting and producing, she also manages FEAR CRYPT, a YouTube channel of short horror films that has almost eight thousand followers.  One of the shorts took off with over six hundred thousand views!  Is it worth checking out?  Absolutely.  That’s almost eight hours of free horror movies by up and coming performers, directors, and screenwriters.

Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews was lucky enough to interview Chloe and talk about all the exciting projects she’s a part of.  The discussion includes not only about her work on HONEYMOON PHASE and FEAR CRYPT, but also acting, producing, upcoming projects, and of course women in the horror and genre industry.  Take a listen and hear what she has to say.

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