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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 455 – The Honeymoon Phase (2020)

Shows and movies like WEST WORLD, RAISED BY WOLVES, EX MACHINA and ANNIHILATION have taken “identity” and turned the word’s meaning upside down.   Individuality becomes nothing more than a concept.  The new science fiction horror film THE HONEYMOON PHASE takes a look at the connotation of “self” yet in a “married” relationship.

Tom (Jim Schubin) and Eve (Chloe Carroll), a young yet unmarried couple, lie to be included in a science experiment between married couples.  They are to be placed in a secluded location for thirty days while being monitored daily on their activities and relationship.  As the first week passes, Eve begins to notice a change in Tom that begins to give her concern.  By week two, both their existences may be in jeopardy.

Directed as his feature length debut, Phillip Carroll also wrote the screenplay.  The movie definitely pays tribute to science fiction of yesteryear.  During the podcast, the two leads and the filmmaker join your co-hosts to answer further questions about the movie. 

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