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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 344 – The Cured (2018)

Zombie films have been around for awhile. Heck, it’s the 50th anniversary of the release of Night of the Living Dead, George Romero’s classic. After an oversaturation of the subgenre, with TV shows like The Walking Dead seeming to lose its shine, the zombie has fallen out of vogue a bit. But each year there seems to be a gem or two that shows up. Earlier in 2018, Cargo out of Australia got some notice, and now, after a long festival run, The Cured from Ireland just was released to VOD.

The Maze Virus caused havoc all over the world. People turned into “zombies” and either killed or infected more. Now, sometime later, a cure was found that turned 75% of the infected back to normal. With worries that relapses could be possible, the “cured” have to check in weekly with government officials. Senan is reunited with his sister-in-law who has been widowed after his tragic death during the original outbreak. As Senan tries to reintegrate into society, his friend Conor, also a “cured,” may know a dark secret about his friend that could ruin any semblance of normalcy that Senan has earned.

Ellen Page stars as Abbie, the American wife and now widow of Senan’s brother. The cast also includes Sam Keeley as Senan as well as Tom Vaughan-Lawlor in a screen stealing performance as Conor. With its interesting take on civil rights and a government that is there to protect, the movie does a flip in the second act where there is much more grey in this world than what was first presented. Dark Discussions takes a look at this highly anticipated movie and gives their thoughts.

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