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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 343 – Dead Man (1995)

Experimental films are always polarizing. Usually they are surreal or filled with symbolism. And all of them, at least it seems to be, are considered arthouse films. One such director, Jim Jarmusch, has dabbled within different genres during his take on the experimental film. For horror fans, his most well known movie is probably Only Lovers Left Alive from 2013. But back in 1995 he did a western film called Dead Man starring Johnny Depp.

When accountant William Blake heads west from Cleveland to Machine, Arizona, a job he applied for and accepted awaits him. But after his arrival, he finds no job. Now he is stranded in a frontier town that is very unfamiliar to him. When a murder occurs, he is shot. The bullet is lodged deep within his body, and it is unable to be removed. On the run, medically in danger, he is now a dead man walking.

Shot entirely in black and white and including numerous cameo appearances by many folks of prominence, the film received mixed reviews. Some critics felt it was plain awful while others said it was one of the best films of the 1990’s. How can such a wide polarizing range of thoughts be felt by so many different people. Dark Discussions takes a look at this patreon chosen film and give their thoughts.

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