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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 339 – The Lurking Man (2018)

There’s independent film and then there is under-the-radar film. Independent film has whole sections that you can find on Netflix or iTunes or other streaming and VOD services, but they usually show the most popular movies. But digging deep, one has to go around the internet searching blogs or websites that seem to cover small festivals such as those that are specific to one genre like horror; way beyond Sundance, TIFF, or SXSW. One such film is The Lurking Man, a dark character study.

When Cailean, a middle aged divorcee, gets in an accident, her astral presence appears within a bubble of light. Somewhere in the darkness, a foreboding voice tells her that she is in a state between death and life. The voice continues telling her that she is in jeopardy of not only permanently being deceased, but also lost to the void for living a dreadful life. Soon her back story begins to emerge and the foreboding voice’s source lets itself be known. Cailean’s worst fears are indeed the genuine.

Based on a novel by Keith Rommel, and starring Maritza Brikisak and Dan Lench in prominent roles, The Lurking Man played festivals throughout 2017 getting high acclaim. Now available on VOD, Dark Discussions takes a look at this very unique film and gives their thoughts. Your co-hosts are joined by special guest, Dan Lench, as he discusses his role in the film.

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