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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 618 – IMMACULATE (2024)

If you haven’t heard of her yet, Syndney Sweeney is possibly the most sought after actress in Hollywood.  She had starring roles in shows like EUPHORIA and THE WHITE LOTUS which suddenly made her a big star.  With sex appeal and acting chops, and creating her own production company, she’s been able to star in a number of surprise hits such as 2023’s ANYONE BUT YOU.  Then with her appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, her hosting gig made her become a meme.  Not surprisingly her latest film, IMMACULATE (2024), has arrived in theaters with a bit of a buzz following it.

Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney) heads to Italy to join a nunnery that takes care of those near the end of their life after spending their younger years taking care of the poor and sick.  As a Sister, Cecilia learns the ropes and daily routine.  One morning, a mysterious happening occurs that causes Cecilia to become the focus of attention to the leadership of the convent.  However the strictness and rules of the convent contradict typical healthcare and her own wellbeing causing Cecilia to become concerned.   Her unease makes her begin to question if things aren’t what they appear to be.

IMMACULATE may look to be somewhat of a throwback to the nunsploitation of the grindhouse days, but it may actually be more aligned with the French Exteme Horror films of the early 2010’s.  Fifty-Five Films, Sweeney’s production company, bought the rights to Andrew Lobel’s screenplay and brought on director Michael Mohan to direct, who she worked with on the film THE VOYEURS (2021).  Receiving fairly favorable reviews, your co-hosts take a look at this theatrical release and give their thoughts.

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