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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 619 – MIDNIGHT PEEPSHOW (2024)

With a title like MIDNIGHT PEEPSHOW (2024), this latest film from England would spell out grindhouse or midnight movie.  Also, once one takes a look, you find out it is actually a horror anthology that has a wraparound story that puts it together.  With limited yet positive reviews, does the film live up to its name and its genre or is it a mixed bag like many horror anthologies seem to be.

In a back alley of the London streets there is a mysterious peepshow that caters to a certain group of people.  But beyond that, a mysterious website reaches out to the more adventurous type hoping to get them to join, both as the entertainer and the customer.  But once one travels down this rabbit hole, will they ever get to change their mind, rethink their choices, or are they doomed to a new life that wasn’t what they expected.

Recently released to VOD, the movie has received six official reviews on Rottentomatoes with all giving it a positive review.  Yet audiences have been more mixed with a score at 60%, still positive but not the 100% that the critics have given it.  Your co-hosts take a look at the film and give their thoughts.  Does it live up to the exploitation title, the horror elements it suggests, and the fact that it is an anthology?

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