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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 314 – Better Watch Out (2017)

Christmas horror films have been a reliable subgenre of the terror film. With such cult classics as Silent Night Deadly Night and Gremlins, December 25th has turned out to be a pretty good day to get some terrifying frights. An Australian-American produced movie entitled Safe Neighborhood played the festivals in 2016. Not only did it get great reviews but when it was re-titled Better Watch Out and released wide in 2017, Rottentomatoes gave it an outstanding 88% good reviews.

Twelve year old, Luke, is still considered too young to be home alone, so his parents, off to a Christmas party, hire Ashley, his long time babysitter to watch over him. Luke is a bit silly. He thinks that the seventeen year old Ashley would be interested in dating him. This isn’t anything harmful. It’s just a crush on the hot babysitter. While watching, ironically, a Christmas horror movie, something strange happens and their lives may be at risk.

The film was considered one of the most highly anticipated festival films to come in 2017. Also co-starring Virginia Madsen and Patrick Warburton, the film is directed by newcomer Chris Peckover in what some say is a breakout for the man behind the camera. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new movie and gives their critique.

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