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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 313 – Super Dark Times (2017)

Teenage angst. Living in ennui. It’s the typical story heard from anyone that went through those years of life feeling nothing but a dead end lay ahead. The new film, Super Dark Times, shows this type of outlook to the extreme. Having played the festival circuit earlier in the year, the film (directed by Kevin Phillips and with a screenplay written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski) appeared on VOD on October 3rd with reviews of 92% from Rottentomatoes.

Zack and Josh live a typical teenage life. Bored and using their free time playing video games and going through yearbooks, one day the two meet up with Daryl and Charlie at the local convenience store. When a horrible accident occurs, the boys try to cover up their mistake. Unfortunately the mental makeup of their young minds aren’t able to cope with the guilt that weighs upon them. Soon more reactionary acts of cause further chaos in their lives.

Dark Discussions takes a look at this very dark drama that some have classified as horror and thriller alike. But no matter what it is, the film is very dispiriting and makes one feel awful. Is that bad? No! That’s what a dark film is supposed to do to you. Your co-hosts give their opinions on the movie and where it fits into genre film.

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