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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 315 – New Year’s Resolution Bucket List

New Year’s resolutions are a big thing for folks. Some want to lose weight, find a spouse, get a new job, work towards completing something; others have goals that they strive for. Co-host Mike said that there are a lot of genre films he hasn’t seen that he wants to get to, so as a New Year’s resolution, why not ask all the co-hosts to see some film they always wanted to see and then discuss. The second year doing so, each co-host chose a genre movie that they had never seen and decided to watch it and give their opinions.

Films we discuss are The Bride of Frankenstein, Freaks, Princess Mononoke, and Night of the Hunter. A wide variety of films they are but also some important ones too that one of your co-hosts finally got to see.

With all that, Dark Discussions would like to say happy 2018 to all our listeners, both new and old, and hope to hear from you some of the films you folks have never seen and plan to in this new year.

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