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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 226 – He Never Died (2016)

Talk about a trailer ruining a movie. It happens all the time. You see something interesting, you check out the trailer, and it gives away one of the biggest plot twists in the film. Well, the trailer for the new horror film, He Never Died, does just that. Fortunately some of your co-hosts hadn’t seen the trailer, while those who did, were still able to review it even with some things spoiled.

He Never Died stars Henry Rollins as Jack, a loner, who seems to be moving in slow motion. He sleeps a lot, avoids people as best anyone can, and keeps to himself. But unfortunately for him, things keep catching up with him, including his past. His teenage daughter suddenly appears at his doorstep after not seeing her since she was a baby, some goons come to him asking about the location of one of his few “friends”, and a mysterious man dressed in black seems to follow him wherever he goes. There just may be a little bit more to Jack than he’s letting on.

A horror film it is, yet it is surprising quirky. Henry Rollins shines in a roll that seems made for him. Brooding with an uninterested side to his surroundings, the character of Jack turns out to be a fascinating antihero. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film, recently added to Netflix, and where it stands among this years early releases. Also, author Patrick Lacey talks about a new blu-ray release on a new Terror Tantrum.

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