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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 227 – Nina Forever (2016)

It’s been said enough that most horror films aren’t released to theaters or produced by Hollywood much anymore. Most of them are now festival circuit flicks that then get released to VOD or to disc immediately. For the States, if a film is foreign, even British, it even gets less a chance to be released wide to theaters. Nina Forever, a British horror film, that received showings at such film festivals as SXSW in 2015 is most certainly one of them.

Rob’s girlfriend Nina has died in a tragic automobile accident. His life turned upside down, he unsuccessfully attempts suicide. Consequently he changes drastically. Highly educated he decides instead to work as a stock boy at a grocery store to maybe regroup or maybe to disappear from the world. Soon, a pretty young woman named Holly takes a shine to him and soon the two begin a passionate relationship. However, Holly, who’s successfully working for her own college degree, appears to be avid only about grief. This, within her, and Rob’s own rediscovery of the meaning of life bring back the ghost of his dead girlfriend that causes strain upon both their lives and may be either the key or the obstruction to their individual journeys.

Starring Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Nina, Abigail Hardingham as Holly, and Cian Barry as Rob, the three actors shine both in realism and courage. Two brothers, Ben and Chris Blaine, make their feature debut as co-directors (while also co-screenwriting the movie). Most certainly well made in all aspects, your co-hosts talk about and review the movie. Five reviewers with five different opinions? Or was their one consensus for this quirky horror film? Listen to find out.

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