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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 627 – WHAT YOU WISH FOR (2024)

Small budget films pop up every so often that get a lot of good buzz. Many don’t necessarily have an original idea, yet they do it a new way. The new film, WHAT YOU WISH FOR (2024), doesn’t much tell you anything from the title, but by the ending of the movie it makes perfect sense.

Ryan (Nick Stahl) heads to Colombia to visit his old culinary arts college buddy, Jack (Brian Groh). His real reason to visit may be more to do with escaping loansharks. When an unfortunate incident happens, Ryan decides to do the private chef’s dinner that Jack was supposed to do. Soon, things turn out a bit different than he had hoped. And what he wished for may not be what he really wanted.

The movie was written and directed by Nicholas Tomnay. Beside Nick Stahl and Brian Groh, the cast includes a great group of performers including Tamsin Topolski, Juan Carlos Messier, Penelope Mitchell, and Randy Vasquez. Your co-hosts take a look at this VOD selection and give their thoughts.

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