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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 471 – OPEN 24 HOURS (The Interviews)

Back in November, 2021, Dark Discussions Podcast reviewed the film OPEN 24 HOURS (2020) in Episode 463 of the podcast.  The film was written, edited, and directed by Padraig Reynolds, known for the fantastic sleeper film from 2011, RITES OF SPRING.  Unbeknown to your co-hosts, his collaboration with award winning composer Holly Amber Church has gone back a decade.

After reviewing the movie and tweeting out the episode, both Padraig and Holly took a listen and retweeted the podcast to their followers.  As a result, we decided to have the creators join the podcast to talk about their latest collaboration.  The movie even has a vinyl release of the soundtrack as well as a CD and audio album.

In next week’s episode of the Dark Discussions  where we recap the best of 2020, OPEN 24 HOURS unsurprisingly makes our definitive list of top 10 horror movies of the year, so look out for that episode.  But until then, take a listen to Padraig Reynolds and Holly Amber Church give some insights into OPEN 24 HOURS.

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