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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 463 – OPEN 24 HOURS (2020)

Padraig Reynolds, director and writer, made some buzz with his 2011 horror film RITES OF SPRING, his feature length debut.  Some call it that year’s hidden gem as it was well received by many horror fans yet missed by almost as many.  His follow up, 2016’s THE DEVIL’S DOLLS, was reasonably received by critics.  Now in 2020 his latest, OPEN 24 HOURS, has gained a bit of buzz.

A young woman recently released from the penitentiary finds a job working at a rural quickie-mart in rural Mississippi.  During the night shift, she receives a strange call that leaves her concerned for her safety.  As the night moves forward, her own criminal history begins to haunt her.  And soon the lives of her, her friend, and her customers may all be in danger.

Not your typical slasher film, OPEN 24 HOURS adds a few new twists to the subgenre.  Such things as the unreliable narrator, extreme coincidence, and reversal of the revenge-trope make their presence.  But does the film also bring the strengths of what horror films are known for such as a great villain, suspense, and scares?  Dark Discussions takes a look at this little movie and gives their thoughts.

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