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The Creepy Horror Film ROT is out NOW!

The Horror Collective’s new Cronenbergian Horror/Thriller is out NOW

Andrew Merrill’s nightmarish horror/thriller ROT is out NOW, November 19, 2020, exclusively through Amazon!

When Madison’s ex-boyfriend goes missing, his friends expect her to lead the search to find him. But something vile has taken over his body, and what they find is worse than any of them could have imagined.

WATCH ROT on Amazon here.

Hailed by Film School Rejects as “especially chilling” and called “a powerful new independent horror” from Scariest Things, ROT is sure to take viewers into uncomfortable depths, culminating in a practical FX-driven climax that is sure to deeply unsettle audiences!

The film stars Kris Alexandrea (Gothic Springs), Johnny Kostrey (Kidding, Aquarius, The Good Place), McKale Jude Bingham (Betrayed), Adam Burch (Nazis at the Center of the Earth), and Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist, 100 Acres of Hell, Halloween 2).

Written and directed by Andrew Merrill (Warm Insides), ROT was produced by Beth Crudele (The Gift, Fuller House).

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