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SRS Cinema’s SHEETS OF GORE blu-ray back and on sale!

Filmmaker Todd Sheets

Gore master Todd Sheets has been piling on the blood and guts for nearly 3 decades, with such shot on video cult classics as “Zombie Bloodbath”, “Goblin”, “Violent New Breed” and many more, and more recently with hits like “Bonehill Road” and “Dreaming Purple Neon”. Now see where the gore began with Todd’s earliest shorts in the compilation video! Warning: Not for the squeamish or faint of heart!”

Each Vol has between 70-90 mins of shorts from Todd, and may be a mix of early shot on analog video work and super 8mm film. The best available materials were used in the making of each volume and may be rough in spots.

From Bonehill Road (2017)

One last chance to own the rare shorts from “The Prince of Gore” on a 2 Bluray set…

You asked and we delivered… due to demand, the “Sheets of Gore” Blurays are back in the store to finish the run – if you missed out on them prior, now is your LAST chance to grab them!

After a initial strong launch to this release a few years ago, it cooled off and we only ran half of the promoted limited edition (100 blurays only of each Volume). But in recent months we’ve had many people request them, indicating the original copies are pretty much impossible to find. So we decided to take a chance and bring the title back to finish the run. We have to order a minimum of 50 (which is what we ran the first time), and we need to sell at least 25 or we will have to cancel all orders. To help those 25 sell, we have them at a reduced price of just $39.95 for 1 week (SRP was $59.95, ie $29.95 each, again note if you missed this, it is 2 separate fully packaged Blurays, Vol 1 & Vol 2), so support early and SAVE $$s

So get in there, secure yours asap, and then spread the word.

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