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HOGOZ Entertainment Presents Award-Winning Short Film WAR DOG


“War Dog,” Hogoz Entertainment’s award-winning film is available for viewing world-wide on, the premier streaming channel for short films. “War Dog” recently won Best Thriller and Best Sound Design at the Paris International Film Awards out of more than 450 entries.

At a run-time of 30 minutes, “War Dog” shows the story of a father who strives to welcome home his daughter from the war zone, but neither he nor her friends are prepared for what combat has done to this young woman.

“What a riveting thriller,” writes critic Christine Mei. “I was glued to my seat…the message about the savageness of the war comes right through.”

Featuring actor John Posey, the film has won additional awards including Social Impact, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Editing.

To watch this amazing film, it is available here.

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