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Fright Rags Officially Announces Licensed HALLOWEEN NANOFORCE® Figures


THIS FRIDAY Sept 18 at 10am EST, Haddonfield is coming to Fright-Rags & EMCE Toys®! 

We’ve teamed up with Fourth Castle’s EMCE Toys brand & Compass International Pictures to bring you this EXCLUSIVE 13-piece Officially Licensed John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN Nanoforce® Figure Set!

Each Halloween Nanoforce® Box Contains:

• Twelve (12) two-inch scale figures: unpainted, orange/black plastic figures featuring characters and items from the film
• One (1) four-inch glow-in-the-dark bonus figure: unpainted
• Map of Haddonfield: enclosed fold-out map also serves as a checklist
• Collector’s Box: contains all figures and map

Important Info:

* Limited to ONLY 2500 boxes
* Pre-Order begins Friday Sept 18 10am EST
* Shipping This December

This EXCLUSIVE deluxe box contains twelve 2-inch scale, solid unpainted figures (in orange and black for Halloween, of course) plus a 4-inch glow in the dark bonus figure. Each one represents a character or icon from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. All packed in a reusable, collectible box, these highly-detailed, 3D-digitally sculpted figures can be displayed on the enclosed map of Haddonfield, which doubles as a checklist! ONLY 2500 units will be available and will retail for ONLY $22 per box of all 13 Figures! Pre-Order starts Sept 18 at 10am EST and the sets will ship this December! ONLY AT FRIGHT-RAGS.COM!

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