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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 453 – THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER (2018)

Christopher Ford’s rise to becoming a highly regarded Hollywood screenwriter is a story within itself.  Back in 2010, he was discovered by Eli Roth when Ford along with director Jon Watts (SPIDER-MAN:  HOMECOMING) did a short film as a yarn to get the attention of the famous director.  After deciding to produce a film based off the short, the movie CLOWN (2014) was made.  That movie jump started the careers of both Watts and Ford.  And by 2018, a hidden gem of a film (written by Ford) appeared called THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER.

Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) is the perfect high school student.  He’s in the scouts, is an outstanding member of his church, and has a loving family.  One day when he discovers an S&M picture in the family truck, he begins to wonder if his dad is more than the great father that he had thought.  Working with his friend Kassi (Madisen Beaty) they begin to travel down a “rabbit hole” that may turn their life and their town upside down.

The movie, directed by Duncan Skiles, stars Dylan McDermott in the pivotal role of Tyler’s father.  With excellent acting, including Samantha Mathis as Tyler’s mother, the movie feeds doubts into the thoughts of a young man about his ideal life.  What follows is the slow fall of what otherwise was a perfect family.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this very interesting film and gives their thoughts.

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