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Black Friday 2020 at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Release notice from Vinegar Syndrome

Only four weeks until Black Friday 2020 at!

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It’s just four short weeks until our colossal Black Friday 2020 Sale (November 27-30), featuring 50% off SRP on nearly every single title in our catalogue, two secret limited edition VS releases, two new VSA releases, four catalogue slipcovers, three new partner label titles, THE BEASTMASTER, FADE TO BLACK, FORGOTTEN GIALLI: Vol2 and so much more! This will be your first in a series of weekly email updates leading up to the big event!

Tanya Roberts in The Beastmaster

If you already partook in our Flash Pre-order last month, you know at least some of what’s coming, but in case you missed it…

Don Coscarelli’s quintessential fantasy/action/horror blockbuster, THE BEASTMASTER, is making its worldwide 4K UHD debut in a deluxe special edition package, complete with a 40-page book and a brand new feature length making of documentary!

Fade to Black (1980)

Vernon Zimmerman’s long requested on Blu cinephile slasher, FADE TO BLACK is finally gracing the high definition format, in an extras loaded edition! Similar to our SPOOKIES release last year, you will have a choice between two limited edition slipcovers for F2B! One being brand new artwork by Tom Hodge and another slip based on the original theatrical one-sheet by Earl Kessler Jr. Subscribers (yearly & halfway) and everyone who ordered the “everything” flash pre-order package will receive BOTH slipcovers with their Blu-ray. Artwork will be revealed in the coming weeks!

The French Sex Murders (Forgotten Gialli Series)

We’re also unveiling the second installment in our Forgotten Gialli series, which features new restorations of MY DEAR KILLERTHE FRENCH SEX MURDERS, and THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A!

But, as usual, the cherries of the sale will be our two magnificent surprise VS titles, which are our long promised (and very first) 3-D Blu-ray of an early 80s horror treat, presented in its original scope framing and in full digital 3-D, Anaglyph 3-D (with custom glasses!) and, of course, Flat 2-D for the first time, along with a late 80s, whacked out, crowd pleasing gore fest from one of our favorite underrated wizards of supernatural slice n’ dice!

She Mob (1968)

But that’s not even close to everything, because we’re also gonna be unveiling two brand new, action packed VSA titles (consisting of 3 movies in total)! Plus, two (!!!) fresh releases from our friends at AGFA (including SHE MOB!) and the very first U.S. release from a brand new partner label, this time hailing all the way from France, Pulse Video, who we are helping to bring their spectacular new edition of Claude Mulot’s LA FEMME-OBJET to American shores.

Claude Mulot’s LA FEMME-OBJET

Don’t forget that Black Friday will be your ONLY opportunity to become a VS Yearly Subscriber, which gets you: 50% off SRP on EVERY VS BRANDED release, exclusive 50% off SRP coupons for all VS sub-label releases (VSU, VSA, Peekarama, etc.), priority shipping, and more! In short, it’s the best movie value on earth.

There’s plenty more news to come, which will be landing in your inbox each week leading up to the sale.

~Team VS

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