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The 13th Wolfman – 31 Days of Horror Day 29 2020 – CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (1980)

In a world where everything you think is right with the world is not. A Vietnam vet wakes from a nightmare not feeling quite right. The nightmare was a flashback to a episode while in Vietnam.He wonders about that dream for a bit. Then he gets a call from a friend who was also in this dream. What could this movie be? #Vietnam #31DaysofHorror #Virus

Who is the 13th Wolfman?

As a young man I was born into a house of shadows. What that means is my mother “mama” Wolf was a horror fan when she was a little girl staying up late and watching all the freaky stuff on the late night movie. When I turned five she introduced to her love of horror. Over the years it has expanded from the late night Universal, 50s sci-fi atomic age horror to other stuff like, Italian, British and French stuff. But, also slashers, zombies, monsters and Werewolves of course. The Werewolf was always my favorite monster and from that I created a online persona the13thwolfman a.k.a. Wolfie it is nod to my love to all things that go bump in the night. So come along with me as I talk about movies of all kind.

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