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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 498 – THE SUPERDEEP (2021)

Russian science fiction horror films and shows have had a resurgence lately.  With 2020’s SPUTNIK and the television show TO THE LAKE, the European nation has recently shown some solid directing, performers, and writers.  Now, in 2021, another new movie has been released everywhere.  Its title is simply entitled THE SUPERDEEP.

Scientist Anna Fedorova (Milena Radulovic) is recruited in 1984 by the Soviet military to help in a rescue mission that’s eight miles deep in the ground.  When she and the crew arrive, they find that many of the staff of the underground facility have already been evacuated.  One survivor says that deep below is their interpretation of hell.  The Colonel leading the expedition is not alarmed.  He orders a continuation of the so-called rescue mission.  When the group reaches their destination, they discover that areas of the underground establishment have been sealed off for contaminant purposes.  A rescue mission suddenly turns into an investigation.

The film is the feature length debut for Arseny Syuhin against a script that he wrote.  Starring a group of well known Russian actors, the movie has been receiving mixed reviews.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this very interesting film and gives their thoughts.

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