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The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast – Ep1 – THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE (1982)

You are cordially invited to attend The Slumber Party Massacre Podcast with Lacy (Cut to the Chase), Rebecca ( In the Mic of Madness), Heather ( The Friday Nightmares Podcast, and Carly (His and Her Movie Podcast). In the first act they chat about some girl talk, the second act Pillow Fight the discuss and debate a topic, and the Third Act they give you a review of their feature review of a horror movie.

Episode 1

  • 00:00- 1:05:00 – Introductions, Women in Horror we admire, and a very fun game of would you rather?!
  • 1:05:00- 1:38:00 – Pillow Fight – The Girls debate who has a better franchise Freddy or Jason and who actually won in Freddy vs Jason
  • 1:38:00 -2:28:00 – Feature Presentation – Review of Slumber Party Massacre!

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