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The HorrorCultFilms Podcast – Episode 17: Hellraiser Retrospective – Hellseeker, Deader and Hellworld

The Hellraiser retrospective continues with the Rick Bota trilogy. Join David, Alasdair and Jim as they once again descend to Hell for parts 6-8. It’s a questionable, but often fun, trilogy of intimidating suicides, senseless twists and so many wake-ups. At over two and a half hours, this may be among the most in-depth discussions of these films anywhere on the internet.

  • Introduction: What we’ve been watching
  • Hellraiser: Hellseeker (25:56)
  • Hellraiser: Deader (01:06:38)
  • Hellseeker: Hellworld (01:45:14)
  • Actors who did horror early on (02:23:52)

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