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No More Room in Hell Podcast – Some Evil Dead Inspired Films

Welcome to your cure for the holiday hangover,

It’s No More Room in Hell #27

On this episode Mr. Venom, Mike, and Derek head to the woods to talk about a couple of Evil Dead “inspired” movies in PRIMAL (2010) and WITHER (2012).  Up first, they catch up on some movies they have watched included a few 2020’s while cramming for the Top 10 list show (coming soon on Fresh Cuts!) An Evil Dead Video Game on the way, Ghost & Goblins being “resurrected” on the switch? This and more in our news section. Mr. Venom runs down some background on the Evil Dead franchise’s influence and some movies/tv shows that definitely attempted to put their own twist on it and out of left field we talk some Mandolorian! 

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