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No More Room in Hell – Episode 049 – Zombie Double Feature

It’s No More Room In Hell #49
Welcome back……….finally,
On this episode Mr. Venom, Mike, & Derek are hopping on a plan to tackle zombie movies in two different countries with CITY OF THE OF THE LIVING DEAD aka THE GATES OF HELL (Italy) and CEMETARY OF TERROR (Mexico). One of these movies is a style as unique as it is famous while the other is a mashup of a lot of different styles. Listen in to what we thought of ’em. First up we we catch up a little bit with what we’ve been up to, including movies we’ve been watching and other happenings and we even get a surprise guest to help us close out the show, but not before an impromptu burning question segment that hits on…..a few different topics, one being if any franchise entries have the power to lessen your enjoyment of the original film. It’s No More Room In Hell #49 and its available now!

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