Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews

Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews Volume 003

Welcome to the newest edition of Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – a podcast that reviews and critiques films released by boutique labels that have taken old and sometimes forgotten midnight movies and re-releases them in special editions where the quality of the picture is fully remastered, usually from onetime lost or privately owned negatives or prints.

A wide variety of cult films are reviewed in this edition of the podcast including films that try to follow in the footsteps of more widely known movies like Last House on the Left and The Exorcist. Also, an interesting Blaxploitation film from a director more known for his horror thrillers. Another is by a one time director that has lived a very interesting life. And another that is so surreal, the film can be consider “weird cinema” even more so than arthouse.

This edition co-host Philip of the Dark Discussions Podcast critiques five films: Arrow’s newly released Mexican horror film, We Are the Flesh; Code Red’s remastering of director Lee Frost’s Black Gestapo; Blue Underground’s blu-ray release of the 1975 Italian horror film, Night Train Murders; Severin’s release of the Italian possession film, Malabimba the Malicious Whore; and both versions of Don’t Answer the Phone (released early 2017 by Vinegar Syndrome and prior by Scorpion Releasing).

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