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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 275 – Get Out (2017)

What happens when you are finally about to meet the significant other’s parents? You know it was inevitable. In the new horror film, Get Out, Chris Washington’s girlfriend, Rose Armstrong, suggests a weekend trip just to do that: to meet her parents. However, Chris is an African-American and he isn’t quite sure what to expect from Rose’s Caucasian family. Will he be greeted with love or suspicion. Interracial relationships aren’t anything new but what about an older generation’s opinion?

When Chris and Rose arrive, awkwardness is in the air even if her family’s hospitality is genuine. He’s a smoker and they aren’t fans of the habit. They have black servants which feels a bit too unbecoming. And their progressive values seem just a bit too overbearing. But Chris is a champ and works through the uncomfortable moments like someone who has had to his entire life.

The new film is directed by the comedian Jordan Peele. Yet it is as far away from a comedy as one would imagine. Critically loved and a huge box office success, the movie seems to be hitting the right beats for a scary film while still having enough of an interesting subtext allowing the movie to say much about today’s world. Dark Discussions discusses this new Blumhouse production and gives their opinions.

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