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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 049 – Patrick Rea Interview: THEY WAIT IN THE DARK (2023)

The independent horror film, THEY WAIT IN THE DARK (2023), has been getting some rave reviews including a write up in the New York Times.  Director Patrick Rea is no rookie when it comes to horror films.  He’s directed some fine films in the genre this last decade including NAILBITER (2013), ARBOR DEMON (2016), and I AM LISA (2020). 

THEY WAIT IN THE DARK as stated on IMDB:  Amy (Sarah McGuire), a young woman is on the run with her young son Adrian (Patrick McGee) from her abusive ex-girlfriend.  When the past rises up to haunt them, they must confront the forces threatening them from both outside and in.

Patrick Rea joins the podcast to discuss his latest film.  As the IMBD description suggests, the film is both a thriller as a Cluster B personality chases our protagonists across state while inside their hiding place a supernatural presence may be even more threatening than the main antagonist.   Listen in and hear what Rea says about his latest slow burn horror film.

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