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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 573 – THEY WAIT IN THE DARK (2023)

Director Patrick Rae has been directed a number of horror films including two that have been reviewed by Dark Discussions Podcast.  Now in 2023, his latest film, THEY WAIT IN THE DARK (2023), showed up on VOD with positive reviews coming from such well known publications as the New York Times.

Amy (Sarah McGuire) is a troubled woman carrying demons from her past.  Now she is on the run with her son from her ex Judith (Laurie Catherine Winkel).  When she returns to her abandoned childhood home, she decides to hide out hoping to have escaped Judith and her physical abuse.   Soon, however, as Judith begins to zero in on her location, Amy’s own personal sins may have come to back for revenge.

The movie was written as well as directed by Patrick Rae.  Starring Sarah McGuire and Laurie Catherine Winkel in performances that were written to ooze the inner demons each woman feels and fears.  Your co-hosts take a look at this film and give their thoughts.

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