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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – Volume 037 – KING KNIGHT (2022)

The journey of finding oneself can be a very stressful, a very long, and even a sad journey.  Behavioral health can even be an issue for those who seem to have all their sh*t together.  Even popular people have their so called “demons” or damage.  The knew indy film that IMDB calls a horror comedy, KING KNIGHT (2022), follows a group of such folk who seem to be just that … lost.

From IMDB:  Thorn and Willow appear to have it all as the revered high priest and priestess of a coven of new age witches. But a secret from Thorn’s past throws their lives into turmoil and sends them on a trippy, hilarious journey.

The film is the latest from director Richard Bates, Jr. who is probably best known for his 2012 film EXCISION.  KING KNIGHT stars Matthew Gray Gubler (CRIMINAL MINDS) and Angela Sarafyan (Westworld).  After doing the festival circuit, the movie was released everywhere in Q1 of 2022 getting some decent buzz by those critics who saw it.  Your co-hosts take a look at this interesting film and give their thoughts.

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