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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 432 – Stuart Gordon Tribute: Dagon (2001)

Rest in peace, Stuart Gordon. The director of such classic horror films as RE-ANIMATOR (1985) and FROM BEYOND (1986) passed away on March 24, 2020 at the age of 72. His passing hurt deeply for many fans but also some performers such as Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs who were staples in many of his films. His most famous films were those loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft’s horror films though he directed thrillers and stories from Edgar Allan Poe, too. Dark Discussions takes a look at his 2001 horror film DAGON in our latest episode.

When Paul Marsh and his girlfriend Barbara take a vacation off the coast of Galicia in Spain, a storm shipwrecks their pleasure boat. Looking for help in the fishing village of Imboca, not only are the town folk acting strangely, but the storm won’t end. After the two are separated, Paul must find his girlfriend as quick as he can while trying to get out of the town alive.

The film was originally to be the director’s third feature film, but the topic of “fish” monsters scared away production people even after the success of his other films. Years later, with funding from the Spaniard government, he was able to make the movie. Receiving fairly good reviews, its success was limited because it was released only one month after the terrorist attack of 2001. This episode is our tribute to the late director.

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