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A Travel Guide To Lovecraft Country – The Podcast – Episode 03 – Holy Ghost

A Travel Guide To Lovecraft Country – The Podcast: A weekly podcast obout the HBO television series, Lovecraft Country.

Episode 03 – Holy Ghost

Three weeks after George’s funeral, Leti uses an unexpected inheritance from her deceased mother to buy a dilapidated Victorian mansion in an all-white neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side, filling it with black renters. The white neighbors harass their new neighbors and burn a cross on the lawn. Inside the house, supernatural activity flares up. Leti learns that the previous owner was a white scientist, Hiram Epstein, who kidnapped, experimented on and killed eight black people before burying them under the house. All nine spirits are trapped there. With the help of a medium and the black spirits, Leti banishes Epstein’s malevolent ghost. Later, Atticus finds Christina in Chicago, having survived the fire. Atticus has deduced that she was, secretly, the source of the “inheritance” and steered Leti to the house. Christina explains that the house was built by Horatio Winthrop, a Sons of Adam member banished after stealing pages from The Book of Names in the 1800s, and that Epstein was a follower of Winthrop’s. She asks Atticus to help her find the missing pages, which could help decipher “the language of Adam”. Atticus attempts to shoot her, but she’s seemingly invulnerable to harm.

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