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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 449 – True Fiction (2020)

Let’s say you are a young twenty-something looking to start a career in writing.  What would you do if you were offered the job as an intern for your favorite horror author?  Wouldn’t this possibly be the best opportunity for any up-and-coming writer?  Learn to become a better writer, having the best business reference one could have, and becoming friends with an idol.  That’s what happens in the new horror flick, TRUE FICTION.

Avery Malone (Sara Garcia), a young woman looking for a breakout, applies as an intern for famous horror author Caleb Conrad (John Cassini).  When the job of a lifetime comes true, she is chauffeured to a remote manor where she is introduced to the reclusive horror master.  After signing some waivers, she is introduced to what the work will include.  However, soon, after some stress related experiments, she begins to believe her own life is in danger.

The film is directed by new comer Braden Croft from a script he wrote.  Not reviewed by many, the handful of reviews it has received have all been positive.  Is TRUE FICTION a hidden gem ready to be found, or more a trial run for both the director and actors to build their resume.  Dark Discussions takes a look at this recently released movie.

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