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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 422 – Haunt (2019)

After A QUIET PLACE (2018), Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were in demand. The wrote that movie and it became a smash hit and listed as one of the top horror films of the year, if not decade. One of their earlier scripts they were able to get funding to co-direct. Produced by the likes of Eli Roth (CABIN FEVER) and Todd Garner (ZOOKEEPER), their latest film, HAUNT (2019), was grabbed by Shudder as an exclusive.

When a group of college students meet up for a Halloween gathering, they all decide to head out to funhouse like most people do during October. Once inside, the group split up and soon find out that what should have been a fun experience may be something else all together.

HAUNT has received quite strong reviews from such aggregate sites as Rotten Tomatoes. With the success of they’ve now had, Beck and Woods may suddenly become a desirable duo for future projects. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their thoughts.

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