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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 416 – Christmas Special: P2 (2007)

French filmmaker Alexandre Aja in 2007 was probably best known for his French Extreme horror film HIGH TENSION (2003) and the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES (2006). In 2007 his co-written script for a taut horror/thriller he was able to have produced. The movie entitled P2 (2007) was made for a small budget of $3.5M, received a cinematic release, and got fairly good reviews from critics including Roger Ebert.

Angela (Rachel Nichols) is working late downtown Manhattan on Christmas Eve. Her extended family is waiting for her to arrive but unfortunately work seems to take priority for her. By the time she leaves, her car, parked on level P2 of the underground parking garage, won’t start. Finding friendly security guard Thomas, she tries to see if he could get her a taxi. But he offers first to see if he can jump start the vehicle. Unfortunately unexpected things happen, and Angela must survive an unexpected nightmare.

The movie returned double its budget and gave a platform for some to expand their careers. Rachel Nichols became a leading lady that soon was given a chance to star in such blockbusters as the CONAN (2011) remake. Years later, this film with the odd title remains a hidden gem that many haven’t seen. Dark Discussions, for their annual Christmas movie, discuss P2 and their thoughts.

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