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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 403 – It Chapter Two (2019)

In 2017, after many rumors of production issues, the film, IT CHAPTER ONE, premiered its trailer and began to get positive buzz. When it was released in September, it received excellent reviews and became one of the top grossing horror films of all time. Immediately IT CHAPTER TWO was announced to great hope and finally appeared at theaters in late summer 2019.

Now adults, the “loser’s club” is called back to Derry, Maine by Mike, the only member to remain in town, when he discovers Pennywise, the evil clown, has returned. Soon more people go missing or are found dead, and the group is forced to return to their childhood haunts to find a way to kill a creature that seems impossible to kill.

The film is once again helmed by Andy Muschietti. Screenwriter Gary Dauberman is back to personally write the script. Starring award winning actors James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain, and including a cast of up-and-comers, the movie was a hugh success even though its reviews (though good) were not as positive as the first. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new horror film based off Stephen King’s novel, IT (1985).

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