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Dark Discussions Podcast – Episode 390 – The Ranger (The Interview) (2019)

With the arrival of the highly acclaimed horror film THE RANGER (2019) on Shudder (and disc), actor Jeremy Holm has been brought to the attention of the horror fan community. He starred as the title character of the film. In a long line of slasher and sociopathic characters, his take has been called refreshing many times, almost as much as it has been called frightening.

While at Scare-A-Con New England, some members of the Dark Discussions crew were able to meet Jeremy as he mingled and met all his many fans. The convention was oddly the first horror convention he attended but the experience left him aware of the impact he’s had in the present horror film era.

Last week, Dark Discussions reviewed and critiqued the movie. However, this week we were able to get Jeremy Holm to join us for an interview to discuss his perspective on the film, some behind the scenes aspects, and some upcoming horror projects he is participating in.

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